Best Chest Workout for Men Recommended by Arnold Schwarzenegger’s

Chest Workout for Men's

Chest Workout for Men, Hey guys you want a bigger chest like Arnold’s, tried everything and still fail.

Then you are at the right place, here I am going to share tips given by legend Arnold.

I will give you a brief idea about the anatomy of the chest, then the workout and how to do it correctly.

So without wasting any time, let’s get started and go through the article, and find great chest workout for men recommended by Arnold.

So lets us discuss how to get a bigger chest like Arnold. It is important to train the chest at every angle to get a bigger chest.

To get a bigger chest first we need to understand the anatomy of the chest muscle.

Anatomy of Chest Muscles

The chest divided into three parts, these are:

1. Pectoralis major: It is the major part of the chest muscle, and composed of a sternal head and a clavicular head.

2. Pectoralis Minor: It lies underneath the pectoralis major.Its job to pull the shoulder forward and down.

3. Serratus Anterior: It is located at the side of the chest wall, you will feel it when you lift the weight overhead.

How to activate Chest Muscle

Before we go further, it is important how we activate our chest muscles and create mind muscle connection. Here I am sharing a link where you can learn how to activate mind muscle connection.

Exercise for Building Bigger Chest

Barbell Bench Press: 


This is one of the best exercises which is Arnold’s favorite, it increases upper body strength.

It will give you bigger Chest, shoulder, and triceps and a great exercise which should include in every chest workout for men.

Always try to do this exercise in starting your workout. This is of the best exercise to build chest.

Sets: 4

Rep: 8

Rest: 60-90 Second

How to Do it:

You and I know that exercise cant taught by writing. So here I am sharing a link on how to do Barbell bench Press Correctly and safely.

Here is the Link:

Incline Bench Press:

This is also a great exercise that should include in chest workout for men.

Arnold suggests that you should train incline bench press with different angles,

Training with a different angle allows our upper chest to grow with every angle.

Sets: 3

Reps: 10

Rest: 60-90 second

How to do :

Again, friends, I am sharing a link on how to do this exercise correctly.

Here is the Link:

Dumbell Fly

It is the exercise that targets pec muscle, and great for stretching the chest.

It is one exercise that should have in every chest workout for men in the gym.

Arnold in an interview said dumbbell fly is the exercise that gave me full pectoral muscle.

Sets: 3

Rep: 15

Rest: 60 Second

How to do :

Here is the link you can follow and learn:


This is a great exercise for the lower chest.

It is a great alternative to decline bench press, It helps in wider chest development.

More Muscle groups activated in this exercise.

Sets: 3

Reps: 10

Rest: 60 Second

How to do:

Here is the link:


So finally conclusion is we have to hit hard our chest and make strong your triceps as well.

Hit your chest with different angles.


Make sure you are doing exercises with the correct form.

Make Sure Your Diet is on the track.

If You have a query or any suggestion please comment on the comment box.

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