High Protein Food for Vegetarian India

High Protein Food for Vegetarian India

High Protein Food for Vegetarian India. Protein generally speaking a most important part of our diet. You are working out or a active guy hitting gym. Protein help you to build and repair your tissue. It is usually called a building block, But if you are a vegetarian then consuming enough protein is a problem for you.

Especially in India where lots of vegetarian peoples are living. High Protein Food for Vegetarian India is really hard to find. Because most of the Protein sources for vegetarian also contains Carb. When we talking about ratio in most cases you will get 1:3 ratio. In short if you consume 1 gram Protein you will get 3 gm of Carb as well. So most vegetarians think that they will never hit their protein goal. There are lot of Food with High protein for vegetarians.




High Protein Food List for Vegetarians

  • Tofu: 

  • It is one of the best protein source if we talking about high protein food list for vegetarian. It is also the complete source of protein . It contains all nine essential amino acids. Best source of  calcium,mineral,iron,magnesium and phosphorus.According to the study consuming to much of Tofu may increase your uric acid.
             Tofu Nutritional Facts
1/2 Cup Serving
Calorie  Protein Fat  Calcium  Iron
94 10gm 5gm 227mg 1.82mg
  • Lentils:

Lentils also a good source of protein. It contains lots of fiber which is great because fiber keep you fuller, and it is good for your heart as well.It is high protein foods for vegetarians list.But it contains high carbohydrate as well.

                                      Lentils Nutritional Facts

1 Cup Serving

Calorie ProteinCarbFatFiber
  • Quinoa:


It is undoubtedly a super food. Quinoa in short a complete source of protein, fiber,copper,iron,thiamin as well as vitamin B6. It contains all the nine essential amino acids, which make it a high protein foods vegetarian India. It is a excellent source of plant based protein.

Quinoa Nutritional Facts

1 Cup Serving

Calorie ProteinFatFiber
  • Peanut or Peanut Butter: 


Peanut is great food with high protein for vegetarians. It contains a lot of protein, fat, fiber. Peanut is High in Protein and calories and low in carbohydrates. It keeps you fuller for a long time.

Peanut Nutritional Value

100 gm Contains

Calorie ProteinFatCarb

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