9 Scientific ways how to Loose Love Handles.

How to loose love handles,well name is so cute but no one likes love handle,even if you are reading you also want to loose this love handle or also called as muffin top.

     Love handles in other word you can say extra fat sits at the side of waist and hang out from the pants. 

        Many people have seen lots of ads where a model with 6 pack  abs endorse a machine saying that use this machine and your belly and love handles will burn out in a week, Many people will try tons of abs exercise but nothing work.

However,this is a not a scientific way to loose love handles.

     In order to burn those love handles, you need to change you life style and follow a clean diet along with workouts.

Now lets us discuss now how to to loose or burn love handles. 

Steps to Loose Love Handles.

1. Add Workouts:

Best Scientific ways how to Loose Love Handles

This is the first step you need to follow, in order to loose your love handles. Most of the peoples working in Office or Home they have a desk job.No physical activity increase the fat in your body.So you need to add workouts a Full Body Workout, it will help you to loose your love handles.

2.Increase Your Protein Intake:

Protein is one of the the main macro nutrient that is missing in our diet.Most the people just eat pizza,Coke and junk food.Try to add High Quality Protein source like chicken,egg,whey protein.

Research shows that if you are adding high protein diet will loose love handle and loose over all body fat as well.

3. Drink Water and Stay Hydrated:

Drink at least 1 gallon of water per day.Because hydration is also one of the important factor to loose love handle

Research shows that high sugar beverages will increase your abdominal area (1).

4. Try HIIT Workout :

HIIT Workout is a great way to reduce over all body fat and love handle. A research review that included over 600 people found that HIIT is most effective way to reduce belly fat(2)

HIIT Workout burn tons of calories in short interval of time,and you don’t have to spend hours at gym.

5. Add Healthy Fats:

When fats comes in our mind, we all think that all types of fat bad, but healthy fats burn bad fats.

Consuming healthy fats in our diet like olive oil,peanut butter ,avocado will keep you fuller and help you to reduce love handle.

6.Add Complex Carb:

Cut down all bad carbs from your daily diet, and add complex carb like sweet potato,brown rice,oats and it will help you burn love handles.

Complex carb will slowly digest in your body because they contains high fiber.

7.Increase Fiber Intake:

Increase your fruit intake,vegetables. A high fiber diet will keep you fuller and will reduce constipation,lower down cholesterol level.For men eat at least 38gm of fiber,and for female aim should be around 25gm.

8. Maintain a Calorie Deficit:

Maintain a calorie deficit is also a important factor if you want to loose side fat or love handle.Eat Less and Burn More is a simple way to achieve your goal, and give at least a month to see any changes in yourself.

9.Cut down Sugar:

Sugar found in candy’s,cold drink,sodas all are bad form of sugar.Sugar is not a enemy but try to get sugar from natural sources like fruits,honey.

Sugar contains lot of calories but almost 0 nutrition value.So if you want slim wait and want to burn side fat avoid sugar as well.


As you can see above, there are lot of ways to burn fat and love handle.

Try new workout every 8 weeks,start cleaning eat,Spot Reduction is impossible.Your body will burn fat from your whole body you can target specific area.

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